A synopsis of some of the projects we have undertaken and some examples of our work

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Browse through some of our previous projects to help you understand the breadth & depth of our skills, knowledge and experience.

  • Website Design and Build for Micromix Plant Health

    A digital Marketing and website development project for an international agro-chemical supplier. Key requirements were to :

    • Understand the on-line competition
    • Establish a professional corporate web presence
    • Educate potential customers about the technology and products available

  • Internet Marketing for Skips Crosswords

    A digital Marketing and website development project for a UK based supplier of English and Mathematics educational puzzles for children. Key requirements were to :

    • Enhance visitor engagement with the site and sign-ups for free puzzles
    • Add a shopping cart to the site
    • Implement accurate sales conversion tracking and analytics

  • Bespoke Software Development for Industrial Diagnostics Company

    A business process automation and bespoke web application development for a leading UK Occupational Health services supplier. Key requirements were to :

    • Streamline data capture, validation, clinical assessment and reporting
    • Automate reminders and management escalation to ensure consistent quality
    • Save operational costs, by reducing required time and resources required

  • IT Consultancy for Nedis

    A virtualisation and IT consultancy project, to virtualise old business critical systems :

    • Build new virtual server
    • Back up and restore server and re-compile applications,
    • Integrate to new network e-mail & print servers
    • Documentation of configuration and work instructions